New Year, New Plan

Welcome to 2014, and given what day it is today, Happy Chinese New Year!

Year of the Horse they say will bring luck for romance, marriages and babies, but also bad weather, disease and political change. Sounds like it’s going to be an interesting year.

I’ve been thinking a lot last year in how I plan to utilise this blog more effectively. So I’ve decided to scrap a lot of the monthly personal ramblings, because really, who wants to know what I’m doing every single day of my life? It would be as bad as the first tweets on Twitter about how you’re tweeting on the toilet and incidentally you’ve run out of toilet paper. The next tweet would have Bob in the apartment go down to the store to get some more.

But I digress. For this year I will try to be more proactive in my writing activities, use this blog as a review platform for various books, movies, games I’ve thoroughly examined, and overall make this blog more useful to me for projects in the near future. Might even throw in some article/news discussion as well.

I’ve been challenged to get something published this year, so there’s that.

So, this will be the most likely be the last personal thing you’ll ever see. Following immediately after this will be a review of J J Shurte’s Cerberus Nurtured, which I’ll post and link shortly.

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Professional 3D artist. Worked in various fields from animation to the video games industry. Has a keen interest in upcoming games industry technologies, as well as writing fiction and the occasional Lego creation.

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