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So I’ve had a long absence over the last few months from blogging. I’ve been crazy busy with a bunch of things. From a Lego exhibition in Christchurch over a month ago, Guild Wars 2 betas strewn in between, to finding work back at my old stomping grounds (in name, not location sadly) at Natcoll, though now it’s called Yoobee School of Design.

So, that Lego Exhibit. Went awesomely. So many people came to see our creations, so it was a pretty busy weekend. Sadly, I’ve misplaced my photos that I took of the event. Hopefully I put them somewhere, but got the bad feeling that I accidentally deleted them. Smilie: :(

Guild Wars 2 released at the end of August with spectacular beauty. The three days of the pre-release play for those that shelled out a bit more, or were lucky to participate went remarkably well, despite the first few hours of server hiccups. As of now the play is in full swing and activity all through the servers is pretty high. It interests me that I haven’t played it all week, though my playtime was otherwise occupied with more important pursuits, which I’ll mention a bit later.

Some months ago I was brought on as a relief tutor, covering for those that were sick or otherwise occupied. I was basically on call for a short time. Now I’m currently working full time as a tutor despite having no teaching experience prior. This should be a new and fun experience. Smilie: :D

I’d met up with a few students who’d just finished up over the last month for a real project to sink our teeth into; a game for the mobile platforms. Now I can’t go into too great a detail aside from that it’s a little bit RPG, a little bit adventure book and a whole slew of crazy characters. I’m confident that the build will be done by the end of November because…

…I’m going to China for this year’s trip! Now as I mentioned in my previous blog entry, we were set to be going through China to Nepal, but we didn’t get enough tour members for that, so that was cancelled. We then applied for a new trip; a two week stint around Nepal instead. There were enough tour members and everything was sorted. And then the Chinese government notified tour companies early last month that they wouldn’t be authorising foreign visa permits starting Sept 20th. Which means we couldn’t enter the country even if we tried. Almost giving up hope, there was an offer to switch to another trip. Feeling exasperated, we looked into it anyway and picked it. Given that I’d already taken time off work, I didn’t really want to take it off, especially during November as my students that I’m looking after are on their last assignment, and will need that support until the end. So I opted for a December trip.
We’ll be packing warm clothes. Heard winters in China can get extremely cold. I’m used to Canterbury winters, so this will either make or break me lol

One more thing, I’m attempting NaNoWriMo again. Tried it in 2010 and didn’t reach my goal. 2011 wasn’t a good year for getting anything written anyway. This year I will push hard. So during October this is effectively preproduction and planning month before a full month of solid writing. I’ve managed to change up my Cr-48 Chromebook into something more functional. Dropped ChromeOS in favour of Ubuntu for more offline functions, using the Linux version of Scrivener, since my writing friends swear by it’s usefulness. Also putting in some flash development tools on it as well in case I want to code.

And some Guild Wars 2 screenies from the start of release:

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