We Often Find Trouble

Saturday evening on a late April day. Completely forgot about a friend’s board games event on Facebook, but I’m just too tired to attend. Maybe next time. Quite a bit has happened over this month, I wonder if I can recall it all. First up, new freelance work! Feels good to be getting more money in. Seems it may extend until July-September, so my plans for moving to Auckland for more permanent work, will have to be postponed some until that’s all done and dusted. With pushing that back, it does leave me with the opportunity proposed by my brother at the start of the year: Japan for a few weeks. Now ever since we got back from Belize last year, we’ve pretty much caught the travelling bug, so I’ve decided to use that time between jobs (har har) to have a new experience. Hope I don’t get detained again lol

At the end of last month, I participated the Molydeux Gamejam 2012. One of the many international centres was held in our very own Christchurch, New Zealand. It was good to catch up with some of the CerebralFix crew. The premise was to make a game within 48 hours, though really I think most of us spent half that much time and got decent nights rest. Can’t say the same for some of the other teams around the world. I was on the team in an Art capacity, and that worked quite well. Had to relearn how to use Flash again, however managed it in the end. The skeleton system is… interesting. With some minor build difficulties towards the end, we managed to get it done. The game is called GhostHunt

Still pushing through Guild Wars, effectively in preparation for the sequel, Guild Wars 2. Yes, I did shell out and pre-purchased the Collectors Edition. Yes, I am mad for spending so much on a game and I already have not enough space for the artbooks, figurines and merchandise that comes with it. Still my choice, and it was decided that it was going to be the only major game purchase this year. Hope so anyway. Haven’t really seen anything on the horizon to think deeply about. The Old Republic didn’t hold me for very long when I played the beta. There are a few which look interesting based on their trailers, so I may watch those. Certainly anything reviewed on Zero Punctuation by Yahtzee sways my vote from time to time lol

Minecraft news! More random skins done for Planet Minecraft, and I participated in an event called YouAreMinecraft, whereupon players recreate their avatar or skin in a gigantic statue form. Last I checked, there were some 48,000 players registered to the massive, massive server!

That’s me for now, stay tuned for next month’s rambling lol

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  1. GW2, huh. You’ve still yet to master GW1.