Warriors on Foraging Things

So, just had a nice 4-5 hour session of Guild Wars 2 during the open beta weekend. It is impressive. There are a few notable flaws, and may just require a bit of tweaking on my end, however I was thoroughly entertained.

The first thing I noticed that was different was the server selection at the start. Players are pretty much stuck to a server, so I had to remind myself which one I’m playing on so I can tell my friends where to find me. You can transfer at any time, or log on as a guest to another server, much like the way WoW and TOR have theirs set up.

Character creation can literally take hours to fine tune. Along with presets, there are sliders for the appearance of your character’s face, bringing about a wide variety of characters that you can call your own.

My first character (whether I’m able to keep her or its just for the beta only, I’m not entirely sure), I chose was a Female Norn Guardian. The Guardian class intrigued me as it gave the appearance of a Wammo build (Warrior/Monk) as widely used in Guild Wars 1. Tanking with regenerating health is pretty good. Downfall may be the lack of ranged abilities, but I’ll work on that. Ranged does seem to work in favour, especially if you encounter huge waves of mobs (mobile foes). Crafting, salvaging, buying and selling, all part of an MMORPG staple. Mining and foraging is new, and the feeling of a persistent (and expansive, I might add) world just makes you feel small. The first “Boss” foe as it were is a massive frost wurm. Without knowing what to do, I just charged in and worked up a skill chain and myself, as well as a number of other players downed the icy beast. Knockback is awesome, not only the usual interruptions, but they physically go flying. I found myself flung metres away on a regular basis lol. And yes, dying can be pretty easy if you’re not paying attention.

Certain skills tied to certain equipped weapons make for easy organisation of which skills work best. Given this, you may be able to requip weapons and skills on the fly due to the nature of the persistent world. haven’t tried it out yet to see whether it is effective or not.

Ore can be mined (with a pickaxe), used for weapon and armor crafting I’d imagine. Foraging for food as well.

Map travelling is slightly different. You have waypoints now that you can teleport to, even dead.

Something I’ve just discovered, the crafting branches off into non combat skills, such as armorsmitshs, artificers or hunstmans. I think I’ll pick being a chef, and a weaponsmith. Might try those lol

Tons of random events that pop up all over the place, enticing players to join in if they’re nearby. Or flee if they are low on health or as squishy as a mashed potato.

Well, the half hour build update is finished, back to the game. ^_^

Here’s some screenies.

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