We Occupy Fortuitous Times

A strange stroke of luck happened over the last few days. Friday morning, a short time after I had put up my last blog entry for Remembrance I was informed by my friends on Facebook that I got a mention on Kotaku. Now this was quite a surprise, hell, I thought I was still lucid dreaming or something. But no, it was true and for the most part, (and I will not lie about this) I was super giddy and excited! I have to thank Jokay for being in a network of awesome, and MinerMum for a suggestion to blog about my work in progress in the first place as well as tweeting about it in her own circles.

After I’d settled down somewhat, I went about resuming my previous projects prior to the cathedral project; Unity and Java. Now, I’d say that I have a game idea, but in this day and age, who doesn’t really? Application and initiative makes it go from pen and paper to a sellable product. Oh yeah, and capital. Can’t make something from nothing. The last few months I’ve been gathering that in as well as planning and researching for the next 6 months. (I had set aside a 6 month development time just to see if it would work. Hopefully.) There are some things I need to do in the middle of that dev time, so I’m going to go about a prototype over the next 2 months which will include graphics at 50-75% completion. I sure hope this doesn’t kill me in basically doing everything.

Saturday offered a nice break from things. Met up with some of my old workmates as one of the guys I knew was leaving and heading over to the UK for 6 months. Awkward timing though, being you know, St Patrick’s Day lol. Hard to get much conversation in, but I’ll be off at another next week, which will have a much more conversational atmosphere.

Yesterday, Sunday was a pleasant day. It was also the last day the city was going to have the Cathedral tour on before they closed it to proceed with demolition work. The mood was sombre, and there were still quite a few people there, saying their last goodbyes and such. I had almost decided to not go, as I left it a bit too late in the day. But I went anyway, and was lucky to find it was still open at 4:30pm. Talking a walk around the narrow walkway that was set up, I took pictures from all angles.

That’s it for me for now, catch you later.

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