Remembrance, Part 2

Not much to report. I’ve been working on the interiors, coming to internal strife between appearance vs material type, that is, what appears right in the game isn’t necessarily the material (stone, wood, fabric, etc) I want to represent. In the end, appearance won over. if you’re in creative mode all blocks are pretty much the same. They just give off a different noise when you walk over them.

Tuesday was interesting. I had gone ahead and filled in the rest of the outer wall, starting to put in the side windows when I noticed that, despite being generally accurate in size, it was aesthetically incorrect and the rear half of the main building would have to be shifted by 6 blocks. At this time I was shouting all manner of expletives, as I would have probably have to knock down a half to rebuild it again. Earlier in my builds, I had come across a program called MCEdit. Great tool, but I knew it just wouldn’t work the way I wanted, mainly due to the update of the game to 1.2, a lot of third party programs ended up breaking and corrupting maps, so I was wary, and left it for a while before looking up whether someone was continuing work on it, as the original programmer had stopped devoting his time to it.

Luckily, someone had picked it up and were in the process of getting it to work. ^_^

Wednesday came by, and after brushing up on my Java and Object orientated principles again (for another project) I decided to test out the beta build of MCEdit for 1.2. Making a copy, Just in case, I proceded to load it up, finding that the stairs don’t appear to have the upsidedown orientation. This concerned me, but after saving and reloading in the game, they turned out perfectly fine. It was just a visual issue, so all data was preserved. Phew!

Anyway, I moved the back end. Relatively easy with this map editor as you can move huge sections very easily, duplicate and even replace groups of blocks with another type of block.

Started on the internal pillars, which were fairly easy, but I was a bit sad at not being able to use upsidedown stairs on them for a smoother arch. Unless I change a few things… heh

Thursday, got the ceiling and roof sorted, but still have to cover up the lower roof with appropriate slabs. Using MCEdit again to help with the duplication process, it it certainly made many of those repeated features less of a monotonous task.

Onto the pictures!

I opted to change from Netherbrick to Timber for consistencies sake. I’ll be working on/looking into a texture pack that gives it the more appropriate shade of stained wood.

The bit where the two roofs intersect. I can’t remember what they call it. I’ll have to look it up tomorrow. Don’t mind the half built pillars with floating lights Smilie: :P

The floor at the center. Most church floors in this area are quite decorative, but I still have a hard time finding good interior pictures of the Cathedral. If anyone’s reading this, drop me an email if you know where I can find some Smilie: :)

Turning to look at the interior of the Rose window. I’m still mixed as to how I can get the stained glass effect without making it look… crap. It may be a texture pack solution I’ll have to figure out.

That’s all for now, this project is taking a bit longer than I thought. lol

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