What Occurred February Twenty-second?

New Zealand knows it, half the world heard of it. On February 22nd 2011, 12:53pm, a sizeable earthquake of magnitude 6.3, struck the Canterbury region of the South Island. It had claimed many lives and left Christchurch’s history to dust. One year on we still keep pushing onwards. The Central Business District, although still some areas cordoned off for demolition, had opened up a few months back to get activity moving into the city again. CERA and insurance woes are still an ongoing occurrence. A good portion of the populace has departed for more firmer ground, whilst the more stubborn (myself included) stick around for the long haul of restoring this once beautiful city again. Business is slowly returning as activity in Cashel Street grows. One look past it though, a reminder of our favourite places; gone. The rubble cleared leaves the rest of the city appearing like one, massive carpark.

A clean slate to start over again.

I have hope. The cathedral will return, as will the thriving business and most importantly, people that feel safe.

So I’m confident that in the next 20 years, we will have a fusion powered, antigravity city floating above the ground. That’ll show them earthquakes. And the zombies.

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