Worldly Opportunities, Fiery Tectonics

November… Nothing terribly important, but I did end up losing my job in the middle of it. It sucked, but it had to happen, or else the entire company would live a shorter life. I hold no malice, and wish them well on their future endeavours. I still keep in contact with them, so it’s not so bad. So I chose to press on. Moping around feeling depressed is boring. I’m productive damnit! lol

The last three and a half years were great though, wouldn’t trade that for anything.

Pondering various business opportunities, I sought out a bit of relevant work I was able to find. As luck would have it I had contacted my old Natcoll tutor and he just happened to have some freelance work available from someone. Being the desperate, unemployed professional, I took it. I’m still getting used to the feeling of freelance work.

While on the project I was also asked to do a few guest speaker talks at Natcoll’s two locations. Due to the February earthquake last year, Natcoll had to go to the few places available for educational purposes, so half of the classes were based in Mairehau, and the others way down in Lincoln university. The country drive down to Lincoln was relaxing, coupled with the gorgeous day, my mood was pleasant. Certainly helped with the talk, as people that know me know that I have varying performances with public speaking. It went remarkably well, the students were quite eager and asked me very good, intelligent questions pertinent to the video game industry. The Mairehau class a few days late was, although smaller, equally enthused.

Still keeping up appearances with my former colleagues, I went to several workmate’s birthday parties and the company end of year party. Mostly good, some were awkward, especially those I wasn’t able to say goodbye to when I left. Bad news can travel slow.

Like clockwork, the land still reminds us about what’s going on beneath the crust. On the 23rd December I took my brother into town to check out the Cashel St setup of RE:Start. No sooner had I stepped out of my car, a significant quake occurred. Magnitude 5.8 it was recorded at, and a short time later a 6.0. Since then, we’ve been getting periodic shakes. Nothing really bad, but still unnerves many people.

Other things I’ve done since my last post: Given up on all of the Facebook games. They’ve pretty much bored me now, but I still hop on them to give gifts out to friends still playing. I don’t mind enabling their habits Smilie: :P I’m still playing OGame and given a significant change in the alliance structure happened over the course of a few days (politics, meh) I’ve decided to stick around and bring this horse back up from a near death experience.
Guild Wars: I’ve ploughed through a number of achievements in the last few weeks to push up my HoM points. Gotten to 29, though I could have sworn I was already at 30… Elona Cartographer after a mad push through the one place I didn’t like: Dynastic Tombs. And got some more Primeval Hero Armor to display as well. Still many more things to accomplish before Guild Wars 2 comes out.

Well, that’s all for now. Here’s to the new year, 2012. May God have mercy on our souls when the zombies come in December lol

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Professional 3D artist. Worked in various fields from animation to the video games industry. Has a keen interest in upcoming games industry technologies, as well as writing fiction and the occasional Lego creation.

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