When October Flies Through

October. Not hunting for it, and it is not even red. Rugby World Cup 2011 is all that has been talked about these last few weeks. Been having some enjoyable events at a couple of mate’s places to watch the games and generally get completely drunk.

While that still goes on, a flurry of activity is happening at my work. Whilst I can’t divulge any details, it’s still a good thing. And hopefully no one goes crazy in this month of miracles.

I had noticed a while back that I had lost my original domain name, woftgear.com (no, not linking this. Head over there at your own risk Smilie: :P). the one that pretty much started the whole name of this thing. But the intent I suppose has been long forgotten. I was pretty much sitting on it for a friend and it just grew from there. Subscription had forgotten to be renewed and it was returned back into the Internet from whence it came. I’ve just checked now, and it looks to have been scooped up by another blogger, who seems to be selling… something… The posts anyway seem to have been C&P from somewhere, as not all of them have much relevance to each other. And they seem to not know how to set up their redirecting correctly for their wordpress blog either. Oh well, out of my hands now. I’ll just continue making shit up with the acronym WOFT until I run out of words lol.

Towards the end of the month, the week after Labour weekend, I’ll be heading up to visit Matt for the weekend, as well as continue with my now set in stone Auckland Armageddon trip. This years Christchurch one was alright, but man it was packed to the brim in Addington. Hopefully for Chch next year a more organised (or spacious) venue will be set up.

I am currently playing four social games right now.
OGame: As I mentioned in an earlier post OGame is all about planetary empire building, fleet building, kill everyone in the galaxy type of game. I had found out recently that it’s 9 years old! 10 years ago I was playing the exact same type of game called Planetarion (which I might add, is also still going on). The architecture pretty much hasn’t changed, just numbers and pictures. And still people play it hardcore.

Monster Galaxy: Pokémon on Facebook. You capture creatures, you train them to fight other creatures to level up as well as to capture more. The endless cycle of violence and indentured servitude. And I could not stop playing it. Though currently it’s starting to bore me, even as they introduce new mogas (the name for animals) to capture. There’s currently nothing new gameplay-wise to keep me attracted to it. I had also played the iPhone version of it, and while it was pretty fun, again, nothing to hold me.

The Sims Social: Friends started playing it so I figured I’d give it a go, since I never played any of the Sims games, aside from the Simcity series. Currently I hate the game. I hate it because it’s so damn addictive. I understand the psychology behind it and I am sucked into it like the simpleminded people they market these games to. Ahahahha…. Smilie: :( Anyway, the game itself is not without it’s flaws, but it’s mostly due to server communications. Everything else is pretty damn solid for Playfish to produce this social version of EA’s top selling IP. I play mostly to do up my house and make it awesome. My house is becoming awesomer. Mwahahahah!!!

Edgeworld: Something that caught my eye on Google+ Initially disappointed at the performance of games on G+ earlier (trying to get Angry Birds working, but coming up with crashes) My initial thoughts was “Oh, cool. A social kind of RTS game.” I was half right. Essentially a base building game, you build up your defences and grow bigger as you level up. Having the ability to produce units, you can use these only for attacking other people’s bases. At the moment I’ve turtled down with a textbook tight defence, and so far no one’s really bothered attacking me. My current alliance is a bit of a shambles, with at least 3 leaders passing the role to a random available person. Hopefully this new person will live up to her word in saying she won’t bail. Funny because I have some words to say to her regarding her defence… lol. Aside from that, there’s not much else to the gameplay; build a base, upgrade buildings, build units, upgrade units, attack & steal resources, level up… The best part of it, which I find lacking in a number of social games, is the chat option. Edgeworld has a working chat function, mostly to tide the boredom whilst building and attacking. Did I mention that you have very little control over your units? You can only select which units and the position where they arrive. Everything else is up to the AI, and man, the AI is quite stupid really. I’ve had a conversation with one alliance member who has designed his base to take advantage of the stupid AI. I may utilise this after I get my guns up to a suitable level, so that I can expand my base.

Judging a Bionicle contest that actually started way back in August. It’s been going on for quite some time and has produced some exemplary creations. can check them out here if you’re keen. It’s the Finals, so it’ll be finishing up soon.

I’m still mucking around with my Lego, still got a ton of games on Steam I have yet to start playing/finish, and everyone keeps telling me that I should go out and meet someone…

Hate it when people are right lol

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