Spring Solicitude

Wasn’t going to bring it up, but it was going to crop up sooner or later. Only a few days until September 4th. Seems nearly a year has passed since the first big quake, and although the first one back in September last year wasn’t nearly as destructive as the February one, it still caused significant loss to property and livelihood. But oh how we persevere. Resilience, Bouncing back, the Cantab attitude, all these things seem to just become synonymous. We keep pushing for a better life like most humans, but our loyalty to the city we’ve lived in, that we’ve loved for all these years… We will not let her go quietly into the night. We will fight to bring her back to her former glory, if not better. Much of what made Christchurch Christchurch was the number of heritage buildings still standing. Now that number has shrunk significantly, all we can do is remember the history, and build for the future.

A week ago I found myself joining a musical band formed by members of my office. Selection was small, but everyone could do something, chip in to play an instrument of sorts. Having not played an instrument in some 20 years, I opted for vocals (performances on Rock band can attest to this). I was given the Ocarina. So with this oddly familiar instrument, I set myself a task to learn how to use it within a week and play the first bars of Korobeiniki, a Russian folk song which most people who’ve had contact with a gaming device of one form or another, as Tetris Theme Type A.
So for most of this week I’ve been researching Youtube for examples, tab sheets and all sorts to enable to me to A) play the ocarina correctly and B) how to play Korobeiniki. And boy, there were a lot of examples… Though there were the odd distraction where there were different ocarinas available, and this one guy that fashioned an ocarina instrument out of an eggshell and another out of a carrot! (Well, 2 carrots)

Being the start of September hasn’t bothered me in regards to access to unavailable anime which I had previously attained through torrents. The new law is now in effect, and people aren’t really bothered by it too much. Account owners have some concerns, but they’ve kept themselves updated and are wary of people planning to exploit. The majority of the users are just in it for the licenced items obtained illegally, of which is really still a minority in the vast population that roam the internet. The tech-savvy persons consider this law to be rather pointless than detrimental, as it will not stop piracy. Torrents have always been about faster downloading from multiple sources, as opposed to slow downloads from a single source. And given over the years the speed of the internet has increased dramatically, torrents have been slowly falling into disuse in favour of single locations that are very fast. Many people still use torrents as a means of distributing legal software to the masses as it ensures consistent versions, so there isn’t the likelihood of fake files or viruses, because those that have downloaded it are sharing it, the initial uploader included. So while the government has basically lumped this job onto the ISPs to police the country’s internet usage, the ministers that passed this law still don’t know what it’s all about, not that it has any consequence. Activity will go about as normal, people will still download stuff, as the law is specific to peer2peer and torrenting. It won’t let them withdraw the law, and I suspect they’ll make up some arbitrary statistics to make the public think it’s working. Usage in torrents will drop, that much is certain. Whether you can directly translate that as a drop in piracy, well, you’d be a fool to think that it’s that simple.

Last thing, I set up a blog for my brother Matt. You can check him out here, though he hasn’t started putting any content in yet. We’ll see what he puts up in the near future.

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