War by any other name…

Like Planetarion, I seem to have been dragged in by friends in need of bolstering numbers to an alliance. While the graphics of OGame are greatly improved over the last 10 years of this genre continuing on the internet, not a great deal is keeping me interested. Perhaps its just too early to tell, and that the excitement will pick up once resources are in full swing, more stuff is being researched, and I have an armada at my beck and call.

The rules are also quite nice and fair, creating a fun atmosphere for all, whilst making sure that others don’t try to cheat the system. It’s interesting to note that these statistics are being monitored, so that any transgressions that do arise, are acted upon relatively quickly. Perhaps a much more enjoyable pace than Mafia Wars, where it was every person for themselves, and vindictive behaviour was praised. It was amazing that during my time in MW I could see many nice people turn into vile, angry people, and simply using the “It’s just a game” excuse to allow them to commit all manner of criminal activity that would otherwise be reviled in the real world.

Then again, certainly interstellar democracy changing from peace to war and back as easily as TV channel surfing, makes it thoroughly less personal, more clinical and cold, desensitising players to the very nature of war. Far from the front lines and in the comforting confines of the command chair, it’s all just numbers on the screen, casually deleting one another in a bid for survival.

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