Ruinous Adventure

So there I was. I had travelled half way around the world from quake ravaged Christchurch to look at ruins of a different time and place; Mayan ruins in the heart of Central America, the country of Belize to be precise. Collectively my brother and I took just over 1000 pictures, so that’s 1 million words right there. Explored Xunantunich and Lamanai ruins, still amazed at how they still stand after all these centuries.

Staying at a friend’s place, we had done a few of the usual touristy things, gone to the zoo, checked out places of interest, such as Old Belize, which was closed when we went, walking around Corozal Town, which Matt and I had the interesting opportunity to be detained for an hour, being questioned by police officers. Apparently we looked quite suspicious. Or they wanted Matt’s rum, still not sure lol.

Taking the boat to San Pedro, we fell right into a tourist trap. Also known to people as Ambergris Caye, the town was quite Americanised, complete with all the amenities, and best of all; air conditioned rooms! Trying out the local cuisine, snorkelling around Hol-chan and Shark Ray Alley, even having a tour of some fresh archaeological excavations which really the most enjoyable part of was the Segway riding to and from the location.

Another boat trip, this time to Caye Caulker, found us on a very small island, reefs clearly visible from the beach. And I do mean small, for you walk no more than 3 blocks and you find yourself on the other side of the caye. The place we managed to get, a hotel with working wifi finally! Thanks to our Caye Caulker man, Paul. He just knows everyone. Everyone. we checked out the Lazy Lizard; a bar and up at the split described as, and I quote “A sunny place for shady people.” With a few restaurants around the place and many stands wanting to sell you things that you most likely couldn’t get through customs, the main part of this trip was total relaxation. And they had a pool!

So several days passed and it was time to go. A short 10 min flight from Caye Caulker back to Belize city, had us at the airport with a comfortable amount of time to go through check in and customs for the trip to Miami. When we landed in Miami, however, it seemed like we were stuck in check in and customs for almost 2 hours. I think towards the end of it, we managed to board our flight to LA with 10 mins to spare. Real close.

Something was definitely happening in LA when we landed. Trying every hotel in the kiosk and figuring out what to do for some 3 hours, all the while waiting for a shuttle for 1 hour, and then waiting for it to leave the airport for another our eventually got us to a few rooms remaining that were in Hollywood Heights, a part of LA we hadn’t actually been to before(Last LA trip was mostly in Anaheim). Given the location, we were just a short walk to Hollywood Blvd. so we did the usual touristy stuff, go see a movie at the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre (Harry Potter 7 Pt 2 was playing that day), eat at a fairly expensive restaurant, and take lots of pictures of the stars on the Walk of Fame. The next day we went to see another movie, Captain America at another theatre, the Arclight, which actually took quite a bit of finding, but it was really quite an awesome cinema to go to. As Matt put it “We have to see Captain America in America”.

The flights crossing the Pacific leave a lot of time to occupy. Sleeping can be possible, but I found it not to be the case . In the time I was in the air, I watched The Battle for Los Angeles, Kung Fu Panda 2, Rio, The King’s Speech, You Again, and… 6-7 other movies that I watched on the flight to LA. At the moment I can only remember the ones from LA to Auckland. They must have been forgettable or my memory is getting worse lol Oh wait, I just remembered; Paul, the one with the alien in it and Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. And Harry Potter 7 Pt1.

Photos and video will probably be put on Facebook in the near future.

Edit: Here’s the near future. Pics are up!

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