Walking Over Fallen Turrets

Just over a month ago, I was quite excited. I had managed to acquire the Cube Edition of Portal 2 from the wonderful staff at EB Games in Riccarton. I was all set for the release, even going as far as purchasing the Potato Sack game pack off Steam in the hopes of getting Portal 2 released early, which it did to many elated Steam user. Since I had pre-ordered for a physical copy of the game rather than a digital, I didn’t mind waiting those few extra days to play some co-op with my friends.

However there was just one hitch. I had purchased the PS3 version. For those that know what I will follow onto next, be it supporter, mocker, hater or merely indifferent, my sentiments on all views have been considered. I’ll reiterate to those not entirely clued up on the Playstation Network issue, though I suspect even non gamer’s are well informed about this.

Wednesday, 20th April felt just like any other day. I got up, did my usual morning routine, then went to work. Greeted my co-workers as usual and then got on my computer to load up my usual tabs in Chrome. First thing I see on Kotaku an article titled “Is The Entire PlayStation Network Down?”

So yes, it was. Ambiguous news surrounding the hacker group Anonymous, whom released a statement declaring it wasn’t them this time. Further issues on stolen credit card information, personal details at the hands of these mysterious attackers, the complete information blackout for a week before these details were even confirmed rumored, with many loyal customers scrutinising over Sony’s handling of the situation.

Fast forward just under a month, assurance is given to customers that everything is going to be fine, telling all to make password changes once PSN gets back up and running. Despite the public backlash, FBI investigations, Anonymous as scapegoat/terrorist, it has certainly been a wake up call for a number of companies that use a certain level of security on their digital information storage.

The forums have more or less returned back to normal. The Xbox vs PS wars still prevail, but have reverted back to games now. It’s just not interesting to talk about any more now that PSN is back up and running, albeit at a lowered functional capacity due to certain services still undergoing security maintenance/overhaul.

Does this make me enjoy my PS3 even less? Hardly. I’ll still play games on it, now even more so with their free game giveaway for the Welcome Back programme. I may check out their other services once they come back online. Has my faith in Sony’s information management been crushed? Not as much as other people. I’ve never been one for storing my credit card info anywhere, so even if I had an Xbox I’d still have the same train of thought. Paranoia made me worry about this less.

So I will wait for Sony to fix itself up, beef up it’s security some more and hopefully we all learn from this harsh lesson.

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