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Since Christchurch’s Earthquake and Japan’s Triple Threat (earthquake, tsunami, nuclear leaks), I’d imagine bloggers young and old would have voiced their opinion on such events, hopeful for recovery, sending God’s love, relief aid and all things generally good. Very little bad things were mentioned for Chch, but Japan had quite a bit, both good and bad. With aid coming in as relief packages, urban search and rescue teams from all over the world, you still get the digusting forms of slander, racism just so many idiots that just don’t think. Such social networks tracked a number of users with various status updates which had the general train of thought as “Karma is a bitch” and/or “Payback for Pearl Harbor”. I would cite facts how all that is incorrect, and how the US already got their payback with numbers to compare with… But that’s all old news, nothing terribly interesting anymore. Until SHE came along with her video blog, now completely spreading all through youtube, blogs and every social network around. Yes, I refer to the UCLA student, Alexandra Wallace.

Now first up, she’s already put up her apology. I don’t really care for the sincerity of it, but they all have to cover their asses, UCLA included. UCLA would have probably had her suspended or kicked from the campus, but had they done nothing it would have put them in the “promotion of racism” box, which would then lead up to a whole new hole to dig into. I had put to a few friends that, being a Political Science student, she’d know that race plays a significant part in any sort of political structure. So I theorised that, perhaps it was a social experiment to garner a reaction at the cost of her reputation. But she’d be an idiot either way, except mine has her doing it intentionally, which is technically actual racism, than an accidental idle remark, which would quite likely be worse. So, an offhand remark on a real opinion that wasn’t meant to produce this result, or an intentional remark on a fabricated opinion that produced these desired results? In any case, what was said was said, can’t take it back and can only apologise and hope people are forgiving. Oh well, Ms Wallace, at least you’re internationally infamous now. Congrats!

Now, most of the video responses on youtube were pretty much the same “Idiot, racist, moron etc…” however, two videos stuck out. One being the very funny reply from David So. Now his response was quite balanced, rebuffing her statements with humourous views on the stereotypes presented. Well worth a watch even if you have already seen it half a dozen times already.

The next response takes a completely different direction. I don’t want to spoil it too much, so just go here and listen to the stylings of the wonderfully harmonious Jimmy Wong

Now onto the man of the hour, the one who can predict lotto numbers-I mean earthquakes. That’s right, MR Ken Ring. Now, there was no big ass quake that happened today in the main Canterbury area, let alone the Christchurch area. However, there was a 4.6 in Twizel and subsequent low 4’s after that down over in Mackenzie, South Canterbury. Not much else has been reported of it aside from what the geological services tell us. Hopefully they’re ok down there regardless. I won’t be surprised if he tries to take this one, but given the events today (or rather the absense of an event), belief in him has grown slimmer.

Now, I am of scientific mind, that much is already known (unless of course this is the first time you’ve met me then, hello!), so I already knew about Mr Ring’s theories for a while now, even the cat pawmistry stuff. Now, his theory seemed quite interesting, there is probably a correlation between the moon and tectonic activity, we just don’t know what it is yet. The problem I have is not with the theory, it is with Ken Ring himself. He proclaims himself to be a scientist (in the public eye), so why give these vague answers, or answers with caveats (“It might happen, but we hope it doesn’t”Smilie: ;)? If you have this theory, stick with it. Don’t flop around like a fence-hopping, uncommitted hermit, stick to your guns! If you’re wrong on one thing, then go check to see why the theory didn’t work in that situation. Perhaps it didn’t apply, and that it was a unique situation. Perhaps there were some unaccounted variables. Having a be all end all, unverified answer is nothing short of… (now people, don’t hate me for what I’m about to say)… blind religion. So, Mr Ring, I ask you, if you want your theory to be known, be of a sound scientific mind, get peers to look at your work, strive to improve on it, weed out the uncertainties, control the chaos. Make your theory able to be applied practically.

And most importantly, don’t bullshit.

Otherwise I may have to drop by for a little visit and give you a piece of my mind. Smilie: :)

Update: Okay, so we had a significant aftershock at 9:47pm registering 5.1 and on the eastside of Chch city. Now, I figure Mr Ring will take this into account in his next public appearance, and will probably try to get people to buy his books and things. A colleague just sent me this vid which she got from a mate in the US a few days ago. We think it’s probably where Mr Ring is getting his info from. At least hers does a better job and manages to cover the dates for Japan and today, with only 2 days variance. You can find the video here.
Yes, I know there’s a phrase near the end that can quite possibly throw credibility out the window, but just go with it lol

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