Weekend Off, Friday Too

So last weekend, Labour weekend (23-25 Oct, though left on the 22nd) I went up to Auckland to visit my brother Matt, to see if he’s doing alright, eating well, and all that. Little did I realise just what was planned. About a week prior he had sent me an itinerary on a number of events that were planned. Friday, after I had landed and made my way to the hotel I was staying at (Note: Always have enough money on you to pay the shuttle drivers. I was a couple of dollars short of $30, which annoyed the driver quite so.) It was around 12pm, so I had about 5 hours to kill. So what do I do? Being basically in the middle of the CBD I walk around. There was a bit of zig zagging, but I swear, turns adding up to 4 right turns more or less made me end up where I started, but the thing was was that I was always seemed to be on an incline. It was like something out of M.C Escher. So I made it back, checked internet services (Kordia Wifi was available, nice but a wee bit unstable at times, wanting me to re-login all the time), and got my stuff ready for Friday night’s event; The Annual Burlesque festival on Waiheke Island: Circus Side Show.

Matt Arrived, I was still getting my stuff sorted, then we left at around 5:30pm to catch the ferry at 6:30. Ferry ride was nice, got to see the harbour and things. Met a nice bloke who happened to be a resident on Waiheke heading home after work, talked about commuting, property and general stuff. About half an hour later, we’d arrived at Matiatia Bay, Waiheke Island.

The bus trip from effectively one side of the island to the other seemed to take about 45mins-1hr. Would have been a bit shorter had there not been random breath tests going on up ahead slowing traffic down considerably. I had been wondering how long it would take, but before I knew it, we’d arrived. Well, arrived at the closest stop on The Strand, where The Dunes bar was. We were early, but there were already people inside, so we went in and mingled. They were giving free rum shots to people entering. Can’t say no to free stuff, especially alcohol.

We could tell, we were quite early. Only a few people milling about so we went for a wander around the place. The inside was decently sized, could hold 100 or so people tabled. Stage on the right, bar on the left, we decided to grab a couple of beers and checked out the courtyard in the back. A semi-tiki atmosphere, it also housed the show’s changing rooms which were shrouded in cloth and guarded by bouncers. The air was remarkably temperate.

The show started eventually (about an hour or so later, wasn’t keeping count). There was free finger food, though it was most likely covered in the ticket price. The MC, a man by the name of Knave Knixx took to the stage and got the audience all fired up as he introduced the acts…

…Which i’ll have to continue in another post as it’s getting late. Stay tuned for Descriptive Burlesque Action!

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