Managed Neglect

Man, it’s been over a year since my last post, and what the hell have I been up to? Well for starters, Dragon Master Spell Caster was released sometime in November last year (2009) for the US, with the European version about a month later. To be fair to most of the game reviewers that reviewed it, I can agree to a number of points about it. It was our first foray into the console market, and it wasn’t fully realised just how awkward certain consoles are in regards to processing grunt, game space and video power they have. But we did it, we released Dragon Master Spell Caster on the Wii as WiiWare, surprisingly exceeded our sales expectations, and still very much alive doing what we love; making games.

Dragon Master Spell Caster Website

Over the last year I’d been working on a 2d physics puzzler called Doc Clock: The Toasted Sandwich of Time. It has honestly been the most enjoyable game so far amid the crazy physics engine quirks that we discovered, to finding puzzles that worked and didn’t kill the player if you did something unconventional, not that it kills you now, we fixed that ages ago Smilie: :P I can’t say much else, but it might be released before the end of the year.

Doc Clock: The Toasted Sandwich of Time page on

Kung Fu Funk. I only had a small part to play in this. Industrial Research Limited came to Stickmen and asked us to design a game which is fun to play and incorporates scientific research on upper body mobility. Most notably for rehabilitation purposes. This game relied on a number of what the game community dub the “Wiimote waggle” to perform tasks during the game. It’s probably my one gripe towards reviewers that played this game, that they just didn’t do their research into what the game was designed for. But oh well, can’t be bothered to antagonise the ignorant, so I’ll just put up the TV news piece of Kung Fu Funk instead!

Gaming movement technology levels the playing field piece on Campbell Live

The Kung Fu Funk release party was a blast. So many people came despite it being a Monday night. A number of us didn’t make it to the office until noon.

On the Cerebral Fix side of things, games are looking pretty damn good with a number of games that make you feel like you’re playing the arcade games of the 80’s. Shadow Rising is one to look out for with the gorgeous art, amusing story and fun gameplay. Won’t be fully finished until later this year, but be sure to check out the developer blog and the other released games, such as Agent Orange/Agent Arancio or Run Jack Run.

And of course, there’s a secret project I’m working on.

Man, I wonder how many NDA rules I broke this time…

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  1. I’mfairly sure I bought DMSC, though I’ve not played it yet… that reminds me, I haven’t played on the Wii for ages…

    • Well, now you have Doc Clock on PC to play with. Pardon the quite late reply on this. Had a sea of spam to swim through. Thankful I saw this lol.