Well, I know I haven’t blogged about anything this past month or so. There’s been a helluva lot of stuff worthy to blog about; Armageddon Convention, April Fools, a WiiWare game that I helped make is well on its way for release, my cousin got married, my brother came down from Wellington to visit (as well as go to the wedding), and i’ve made some stuff in Lego.

Also I’ve been getting an endless tirade of spam comments that amuse me to no end. Bring it on! I dare you to do better!

Incidentally here’s my bionicle lego creation, a Bionicle Samus Aran. Feel free to wander around it as i’ll be adding some of my older stuff later in the week.

Armageddon photos which i’m sure most of my friends have seen, but I guess new people that have chanced upon this blog may want to see them too. Go here.

Only have a few wedding pics online as I couldn’t upload all of them. A gig of photos to upload is just tedious to do. if you can’t see them, get Facebook Smilie: :P

So there you have it, a month summarised just like that. Have a Wacky Old Fun Time peoples!

P.S. Yes I know, I’ll have a post mortem on the game Dragon Master Spell Caster after it’s released. Can’t tell you the good bits (and bad) before it comes out now can I? Smilie: :P

P.P.S Didn’t have time to make anything for Dominance War, so didn’t enter. Boy I keep on task don’t I? Busy, busy, busy…

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