Exteel: Get some Mech on Mech Action

Recently, I’ve been seeing a couple of guys at work playing this rather interesting arena game called Exteel. The premise: Mechs with guns/swords/rockets/you-name-it blasting/slicing/exploding other mechs of equal calibre. Now, I may be a little biased here, as I love robots. Customisable to the point of insane, you are able to select from a wealth of weaponry, skills and various mech parts, which each part has their own attributes to give you an edge in gameplay.

There are five battle modes: Death Match, Team Death Match, Territory Control, Last Stand and CTF (Capture The Flag). Basic fundamental game types for any FPS. All modes are player vs player except for Last Stand, which is a player vs computer. The online play can get a bit iffy at times, depending on your connection (there was many a rubber banding at work), but overall you can play against other combatants just fine.

You start off with a base mech, or as they’re called in the game, Mechanaughts. At the start you have next to nothing but the bare bones of equipment, two SMGs, a sword and a shield. The mech you have is called a Pinkett class, but there’s lots more classes available to you the more credits you make. Mechs and equipment purchased gets stored in your Hangar.

The tutorial section of the game is quite useful, even if you’re the kind of person that just jumps into the meat of the game without knowing the controls. Aside from the usual practice portions to help you familiarise yourself with the controls, it does give you credits when you complete the training missions. Credits to spend on pimping out your mech(s) in the Store.

Along with this credit earning system, there are ways to purchase money online via NCcoins, which you get from the NCSoft site. These can be used to purchase items like normal earned credits.

There’s still a bunch of stuff I have to play around with this game, maybe start a clan or something.

To watch the rather cool trailer go here.

To download and play the game for absolutely FREE, go here.

This was my first attempt at doing a game review. I probably should have tried to play all aspects of the game first, but meh.

But I loves the Atonement skill!

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One Response to Exteel: Get some Mech on Mech Action

  1. “The tutorial section of the game is quite useful, even if you’re the kind of person that just jumps into the meat of the game without knowing the controls.”

    You sold me with that line right there *lol.
    But you know I never like to read anything and just like to get to the ‘blowing shit up’ part.
    Downloading now – start the clan. ^_^