Breakfast humour

Yesterday, yesterday being Monday, A few of us at work decided to head over to Drexels on Hereford for late breakfast/brunch/lunch. It used to be a weekly thing until we got busy, so then it became a random out of the blue thing (also the meals are fairly pricey, if you’re worried about that sort of thing). So there I was, thinking about what to order when it clicked in my head, “Waffles On French Toast”. I inwardly groaned whilst at the same time considered this meal. Instead I opted for the chicken enchilada with hot salsa, so maybe next time. lol

… yes I know, I ‘chickened’ out. Smilie: :P

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Professional 3D artist. Worked in various fields from animation to the video games industry. Has a keen interest in upcoming games industry technologies, as well as writing fiction and the occasional Lego creation.

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